• Baby Fireside Vest - Free knitting pattern https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/26/baby-fireside-vest/ #knitting #baby #vest #camping #free #pattern

    Baby Fireside Vest

    I am officially back in Oregon for the summer! I’ve been here for a little over a week now, and I won’t see the Eiffel Tower again until September. Unfortunately, most of my time here on the west coast will be spent working full time and padding my savings account. But don’t worry! I’ll make sure I keep posting patterns and articles at least once a week. Now, to this week’s pattern: Those of you on my email list know that my sister is due to have her second baby soon. Since this is going to be a summer baby, raised on sandy beaches and riverbanks, I thought it would…

  • Trying out a free pattern - The Alaina Beanie by Jen Eastin https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/24/pattern-trial-alaina-beanie/ #knitting #free #pattern #beanie #cable #hat

    Pattern Trial: Alaina Beanie

    Today I want to share the pattern that made me fall in love with knitting hats. My first go-around with the Alaina Beanie by Jen Eastin was years ago. My progress was slow, it actually took three full days to finish, but it was a huge step up from the scarves and washcloths I had previously done. Here's a picture from the original pattern:

  • Fishtail Headband - Trying out a pattern from loveknitting.com - https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/13/fishtail-headband/ #knit #headband #free #pattern #fishtail

    Pattern Trial: Fishtail Headband

    On Friday I received a request for a knit headband. My sister fell in love with this fishtail headband she found on Pinterest, and she sent me the picture below hoping that I could make a copycat.

  • Heartbreaker scarf - Free knitting patter https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/14/heartbreaker-scarf/ #valentines #knitting #pattern #free #cabled #scarf #cables

    Heartbreaker Scarf

    Cables are perhaps one of my favorite things to knit, yet I haven't published a cabled pattern in over a month! Needless to say, I've been itching to make something twisty. So, this week I set about making a bold cabled scarf. I like to think of this pattern as a repeat of X's and O's, like hugs and kisses (but if you ask my three-year-old niece, she'll tell you it's a tic-tac-toe scarf). Either way, it's a bit quirky, and a whole lot of fun to knit. I call it: the Heartbreaker Scarf.

  • Mirror Mountain Beanie - Free knitting pattern http://killercrafts.co/2018/06/07/mirror-mountain-beanie/ #knitting #pattern #free #hat #beanie

    Mirror Mountain Beanie

    I love knitting Christmas gifts for my family because everybody wants knit hats (which knit up so quickly and easily). Unfortunately, planning these gifts is never as easy as it should be. I always want to give the perfect gift. I want everyone to leave with something I know they will love and wear over and over again until it's threadbare. So, I developed a fun little tradition. Every year, I arrive on Christmas Eve with small gifts for everyone, candies, coffee mugs, gift cards, etc. Then, I bring out my box full of hats. Throughout the year, I place every hat that I make inside this box. By the time…

  • 10 perfect gift ideas for knitters http://killercrafts.co/2018/06/05/10-perfect-gift-ideas-for-knitters/ #knitting #gifts #christmas #birthday

    10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Knitters

    If you're not a knitter, selecting gifts for knitters may seem overwhelming. There are so many different tools and materials we use, all surrounded by jargon that may as well be another language. Luckily for you, I've compiled a list of hand-picked gifts, perfect for the knitter in your life. Use this list as inspiration, or click on any image to take you straight to the item's listing on Amazon.  

  • basic festival top - free knitting pattern with no seams http://killercrafts.co/2018/06/02/basic-festival-top/ #summerknits #knittng #pattern #free #croptop

    Basic Festival Top

    I've always had an internal conflict when it comes to summer knits. Knitting is for cold weather. It's meant to keep people warm. So a knit tank top has always seemed like an oxymoron to me. However, I've seen a lot of crochet festival tanks floating around Pinterest, and I have to admit they've been stuck in my head. In fact, they've made such an impression that I decided to try knitting one.

  • Dandelion scarf - Free Knitting Pattern http://killercrafts.co/2018/05/30/dandelion-scarf/ #knitting #pattern #scarf #easy #beginner

    Dandelion Scarf

    Sorry for the blog silence over the last week. Between Jack's numerous trips to the vet, and my particularly rough case of strep throat, I've hardly had the time or energy to finish any projects (let alone write about them). But I'm feeling 90% better now, and I'm ready to jump back in! This week I finished a super simple, super sweet scarf featuring the dandelion stitch (for instructions on how to knit this stitch, click here). It was a breeze to knit, and could realistically be finished in a week if you have the motivation. I hope you like it!

  • How to deconstruct a sweater and save money on yarn - http://killercrafts.co/2018/05/16/how-to-deconstruct-a-sweater/ #knitting #thrift #diy

    How to deconstruct a sweater – and save money on yarn!

    One of my favorite ways to save money on yarn is by salvaging it from scarves, shawls, sweaters, etc.. Each time I visit the thrift store, I keep an eye out for anything knit, especially sweaters (because sweaters=tons of yarn!). I often end up finding hand-made items knit by some well-intentioned grandmother, that are too big, too hideous, or too scratchy to be worn. Thus, they end up in the $2 bin. However, for thrifty knitters like me, this bin does not mark the end of the line for these knitwear pieces. With a little creativity, I've turned numerous monstrous knits into beautiful, usable, yarns, and I'm going to show…

  • Knit Blanket Cardigan - free knitting pattern perfect for beginners - http://killercrafts.co/2018/05/10/knit-blanket-cardigan/

    Knit Blanket Cardigan

    *this post contains affiliate links to products I have personally used and recommended. If you make a purchase from any of these links, I may receive a small commission. As I write this, the sun is shining. The birds are chirping, the trees are full of green leaves, and I'm sitting on a café terrace surrounded by bushels of late spring flowers. All of this would be great, if I hadn't just finished knitting a heavy winter cardigan.