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    Pattern Trial: Classy Socks

    As a (somewhat) professional knitter, I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never made a pair of socks before. I mean, if I've never knit a  pair of socks.... then what the heck am I doing running a knitting blog? Well, the day has finally come. I still had yarn left over from the Ruffle Tuffle Raglan and the Chai Latte Scarf, so I decided to dedicate it to my first pair of socks. I chose a simple pattern that matched my gauge, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

  • Chai Latte Scarf - Free pattern by Killer Crafts Co - https://killercrafts.co/2018/10/08/chai-latte-scarf/ #knitting #knit #pattern #free #scarf #irish #mesh #stitch #fringe #crochet

    Chai Latte Scarf

    After finishing the Ruffle Tuffle Raglan, I had tons of yarn leftover. My plan was to make a scarf, but I wanted to avoid the random color pooling that occurs with this type of variegated yarn. So, I decided to play around with a variation of the Irish mesh stitch, which breaks up the color changes. See the difference below? The first picture is stockinette stitch, which shows various specks and stripes. The second is the Irish mesh stitch, which diffuses the color.

  • Ruffle Tuffle Raglan - Free pattern at https://killercrafts.co/2018/09/24/ruffle-tuffle-raglan/ #knitting #knit #sweater #raglan #pullover #pattern #free #chailatte #yarn #lionbrand #toddler #4t #2t #3t

    Ruffle Tuffle Raglan Pattern

    I have personally knit more raglan sweaters than I can count. However, I have never posted a raglan pattern here on Killer Crafts Co. Why? You might ask. Because it's difficult. And I'm lazy. Okay, okay, perhaps that's an over-simplification. Raglans are wonderful little sweaters that basically put themselves together (there's no seaming required). Through a clever system of increases and a generous use of waste yarn as stitch holders, these sweaters can be tried on as you knit them, and customized to no end. Yet despite it's overall simplicity, putting raglan instructions into words and pictures is tricky. So, my previous lack of raglan patterns was not due purely…

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    Frosted Gloves

    I generally shy away from knitting gloves because I hate weaving in ends (don't we all?). Although gloves are quick to knit, it takes an eternity to finish every finger, close all the gaps, and tidy up every loose end. My desire for cozy hand-knit gloves is often overshadowed by my aversion to weaving in ends. However, I set aside my reluctance toward finishing when I fell in love with this Denim in Color yarn at Hobby Lobby. I knew from the first glance (or perhaps from first touch) that it was meant for gloves. It was simply irresistible.

  • Trying out the Foliage Hat - Free pattern from Irina Dmitrieva https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/foliage-hat-2 #knitting #pattern #free #hat #beanie #foliage #leaves #ravelry #trial

    Pattern Trial: Foliage Hat

    Knitted leaves are classic. They are something I had always wanted to try in my early knitting career, but I shied away for years because they were SO intimidating. It wasn't until I found the Foliage Hat Pattern by Irina Dmitrieva (which you can view for free by clicking here) that I decided to take the plunge and try it out. The pictures featured on this page are from my very first attempt at knitting this hat, which ended up being a staple in my winter wardrobe for the following four years.

  • Pine Grove Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern https://killercrafts.co/2018/07/08/pine-grove-scarf/ #knitting #pattern #free #scarf #green #forest #pinetrees

    Pine Grove Scarf

    Hello everyone, This week I decided to draw inspiration from my surroundings to create a totally  Oregon-esque scarf. Seeing as how I'm currently surrounded by Christmas tree farms, it was only natural to feature them on my next scarf.

  • Baby Fireside Vest - Free knitting pattern https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/26/baby-fireside-vest/ #knitting #baby #vest #camping #free #pattern

    Baby Fireside Vest

    I am officially back in Oregon for the summer! I’ve been here for a little over a week now, and I won’t see the Eiffel Tower again until September. Unfortunately, most of my time here on the west coast will be spent working full time and padding my savings account. But don’t worry! I’ll make sure I keep posting patterns and articles at least once a week. Now, to this week’s pattern: Those of you on my email list know that my sister is due to have her second baby soon. Since this is going to be a summer baby, raised on sandy beaches and riverbanks, I thought it would…

  • Trying out a free pattern - The Alaina Beanie by Jen Eastin https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/24/pattern-trial-alaina-beanie/ #knitting #free #pattern #beanie #cable #hat

    Pattern Trial: Alaina Beanie

    Today I want to share the pattern that made me fall in love with knitting hats. My first go-around with the Alaina Beanie by Jen Eastin was years ago. My progress was slow, it actually took three full days to finish, but it was a huge step up from the scarves and washcloths I had previously done. Here's a picture from the original pattern:

  • Fishtail Headband - Trying out a pattern from loveknitting.com - https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/13/fishtail-headband/ #knit #headband #free #pattern #fishtail

    Pattern Trial: Fishtail Headband

    On Friday I received a request for a knit headband. My sister fell in love with this fishtail headband she found on Pinterest, and she sent me the picture below hoping that I could make a copycat.

  • Heartbreaker scarf - Free knitting patter https://killercrafts.co/2018/06/14/heartbreaker-scarf/ #valentines #knitting #pattern #free #cabled #scarf #cables

    Heartbreaker Scarf

    Cables are perhaps one of my favorite things to knit, yet I haven't published a cabled pattern in over a month! Needless to say, I've been itching to make something twisty. So, this week I set about making a bold cabled scarf. I like to think of this pattern as a repeat of X's and O's, like hugs and kisses (but if you ask my three-year-old niece, she'll tell you it's a tic-tac-toe scarf). Either way, it's a bit quirky, and a whole lot of fun to knit. I call it: the Heartbreaker Scarf.