Frosted Gloves - free basic glove knitting pattern #knitting #pattern #free #gloves #winter #frosted #grey #white

Frosted Gloves

I generally shy away from knitting gloves because I hate weaving in ends (don't we all?). Although gloves are quick to knit, it takes an eternity to finish every finger, close all the gaps, and tidy up every loose end. My desire for cozy hand-knit gloves is often overshadowed by my aversion to weaving in ends.

However, I set aside my reluctance toward finishing when I fell in love with this Denim in Color yarn at Hobby Lobby. I knew from the first glance (or perhaps from first touch) that it was meant for gloves. It was simply irresistible.

Frosted Gloves - free basic glove knitting pattern #knitting #pattern #free #gloves #winter #frosted #grey #white
Frosted Gloves - free basic glove knitting pattern #knitting #pattern #free #gloves #winter #frosted #grey #white

Gloves are all about customization, which is why they are generally recommended for intermediate or higher leveled knitters. To be successful when knitting gloves, you should have a solid grasp of knitting techniques such as shaping, increasing, and using waste yarn to hold stitches while you work on other areas. It also helps if you can identify any size changes you may need, and you know how to adjust the number of stitches accordingly. If you feel confident with all of those skills, I guarantee you'll end up with perfectly fitting gloves.

Frosted Gloves - free basic glove knitting pattern #knitting #pattern #free #gloves #winter #frosted #grey #white

How to get a custom fit

This pattern should fit the average adult woman. However, if you want to customize your gloves and alter the fit, you should consider the person who will be wearing them. If the gloves are for you or for someone with similar-sized hands, I recommend trying them on as you knit. The beauty of gloves is that you can slip your hand in periodically and identify any areas that need to be longer/shorter, wider/thinner. This could potentially save you hours of knitting an ill-fitting glove.

Now for the customization. Here are the most common alterations:

For larger hands, add a couple extra stitches to the glove's "body" to make it wider, as well as an extra 1-2 rows before beginning the thumb gusset. You can also add a couple extra rows before separating the pinky stitches if needed. Then, when it comes time to separate the finger stitches, distribute any extra stitches you've added as evenly as possible throughout the fingers.

For chubbier fingers, increase 1-2 extra stitches in the first row of each finger. For a larger thumb, repeat the increase row in the thumb gusset 1-2 extra times.

For smaller hands, simply do the opposite of the above.

What you'll need:

m1r: make one stitch, right leaning
m1l: make one stitch, left leaning
sl#: slip the next # stitches
pm: place marker
sm: slip marker
k2tog: knit 2 stitches together


15 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette

Frosted Gloves - free basic glove knitting pattern #knitting #pattern #free #gloves #winter #frosted #grey #white

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